How To Plan An Indian Wedding?

Indian weddings are an almost over 50 billion dollar industry annually and that is why it is quite natural to get overwhelmed. But to organize an Indian wedding quite successfully there are some few steps which are better to be followed.

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To keep things simple the following are the steps that you should follow to organize your next big fat Indian wedding successfully.

1. Figure Out Actual Guest List: Before starting a wedding event, counting the number of guests whom you think will present in the event is quite an important task to do.

2. Select Date And Location: Once you know your actual guest list, confirm the location. If you are planning for a destination wedding, it is always better to choose a place either in your or in your partner’s hometown. Also, choose the location according to where your majority of guests are coming from.

3. Better To Choose A Wedding Planner: If your number of guests are exceeding 150, then it is always advisable to hire a wedding planner. This will ease you a lot and also, they help in reducing your total event cost as well.

4. Select A Venue: After all, selecting a suitable venue is quite an important task. Always choose your venue according to your own needs.

5. Finalizing The Dates: It is always better to finalize the actual dates of the wedding event well before so that you can organize the event accordingly in the best way that you can.

6. Finalizing the Outfits: Outfit is quite an important thing in a typical Indian wedding. For example, red saree or lehenga for the bride and white or black Sherwani for the groom is a great choice. In an Indian wedding, there are different types of events, and every event has a particular dress code. That is why it is better to choose the dresses accordingly. If you want to customize your dress, it takes almost two to three months to make it done accordingly.

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  1. Meet the Vendors Such As Decorator, Dj, Catering, Lighting and Many More: Everyone in India happily spends money on weddings but choosing where to spend the most money is the most vital thing and it also varies from family to family. In this particular phase, you have to finalize.
  • Catering (food in Indian weddings are quite vital and that is why choosing good caterers is quite important.)
  • Choosing good lighting can change the entire vibe of your event. Some people also choose Dj for extra entertainment and memorable.
  • Decorating the place is the thing where lots of money is usually spent by the Indians to give a good and rich impression to each of their guests.
  • To record all these things so that you can see this memorable event in future also, you have to choose good photographers and videographers.
  • You can also keep the provision of alcohol as well to entertain your elite guests in a much better way.
  • Choose a good pandit to perform all the rituals in an exact way so that the marriage becomes successful.

These are some points that you have to remember to have a successful Indian wedding. But the most important thing before even starting off the event is to invite all your close friends and family members because, in India, weddings are usually done in presence of all close members. That is, sending Indian wedding cards before the event is the most vital and foremost thing to do. Also, design the cards according to your wedding theme so that people can have a basic knowledge of the event.